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About us


Cutex Ltd. manufacture quality thread milling tools and located in Israel.

Cutex was founded in 2004 by Mr. Eli Elka, a professional mechanical engineer (BSc). We have long experience in the tooling market with expertise in threading tooling.

Cutex manufacture high quality thread milling solid carbide tools according to the international standards. Nevertheless, we give professional and flexible answers to specials according to the customers’ requests.

Cutex experience, size and professionality provide a commitment for high quality, fast personal service, reliability and cost savings.


About Thread Milling

Threading is usually produced by turning or tapping. Due to the advanced and innovated CNC machines recently - thread milling tools become more and more popular in the metal industry. Most of the CNC machine use XYZ (for Thread milling need circular movement on XY plane and linear movement on Z (helical interpolation movement). This makes thread milling options more popular and attractive for productions and costs.

Advantages of solid Thread milling tools?

  • Small diameter tools can produce a large diameter of threads (for example: 1"-12UNF -the tool shank Día=16 mm).
  • Same tools for right hand & left-hand threads.
  • Same tools for single or multiple thread leads.
  • Any tools with the same pitch can produced all the thread size above that recommended (for example: the tool for M6x1 can produced all the size above 6 mm, pitch=1.0mm).
  • Short machining time.
  • The gage inspection can adjust by programing as compensation.
  • High surface finish.
  • Machining of hard materials.
  • Better cost effectiveness compares to taps.
  • Helical flutes reduce vibration and improve the surface finish and the quality of the thread.
  • The same carbide grades for wide range of materials.
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